Karen C. Timberlake Basic Chemistry with MasteringChemistry® (3rd Edition)

Basic Chemistry with MasteringChemistry® (3rd Edition)

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Basic Chemistry with MasteringChemistryA® gives readers the problem-solving tools and techniques they need to succeed in future chemistry courses and in the work force. In the clear, approachable writing style characteristic of her texts, Karen Timberlake continues to make chemistry relevant and engaging. Her unique “Guide to Problem-Solving” strategy provides a visual, step-by-step plan that helps students solve a wide variety of problems. Sample and practice problems throughout each chapter allow students of various levels and learning styles to practice and master quantitative skills.Real-world applications cover modern, interesting topics in helping students connect chemical principles to events in their world, while interviews with engineers, doctors, veterinarians, and biochemists show students the importance of chemistry in future careers. Along with a host of in-text enhancements, the Third Edition can now be packaged with MasteringChemistryA® a?? the most advanced chemistry homework and tutorial system available. Chemistry in Our Lives; Measurements; Matter and Energy; Atoms and Elements; Electronic Structure and Periodic Trends; Inorganic and Organic Compounds: Names and Formulas; Chemical Quantities; Chemical Reactions of Inorganic and Organic Compounds; Chemical Quantities in Reactions; Structures of Solids and Liquids; Gases; Solutions; Chemical Equilibrium; Acids and Bases; Oxidation and Reduction; Nuclear Radiation; Organic Chemistry (available online); Biochemistry (available online). A comprehensive reference for anyone interested in learning more about basic chemistry.

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